This year has proven so difficult and deeply heartbreaking for so many of our couples, unsure what to do about their original wedding plans. The restrictions imposed by the pandemic has meant that many couples are having to postpone their celebrations to next year. However, for some couples, waiting wasn’t an option and therefore decided to continue planning for their micro wedding day.

When Blair and David decided they wanted to go ahead as planned this year, we can’t tell you the overwhelming feeling of joy and happiness we felt.

If you are thinking of transforming your day and like the idea of a small intimate wedding, check out why Blair & David think (as we do) that 30works!

When was your original date?



What made you decide to go with smaller scaled weddings rather then postponing to a new date in 2021/2022?

A mixture of the uncertainty of not knowing whether numbers/guidance would change in 2021 and the fact that we had spent 2 years planning. The importance of being married was our main priority and we felt lucky we were able to go ahead at our chosen venue with our closest family and friends

Did you get to keep all your original suppliers? How easy was it getting them to transfer to your new date?

The only supplier that we had to cancel was the band that we had originally planned due to the restrictions on live music.



Did you have to change much of your decor/theme/favours to fit in with the coach house?

We scaled down some of the decor for the coach house, we needed less of the paper cranes we had made and greenery for the tables, however we added bottles with fairy lights in for name places to add to the decor which was something we hadn’t originally planned for the marquee.

How did the coach house fit into your new wedding plans? Did it work for you?

We loved the coach house! Given our number it was the perfect fit and the design and decor of the room matched our theme and made it feel much more cosy and intimate.



How hard was it to cut your guest list down to 30?

It was difficult to make decisions on cutting down our list to begin with so we first spoke to all our guests and asked if there was anyone who felt they wouldn’t be able to attend due to travel restrictions or health reasons. We felt extremely fortunate that all our guests were so understanding and so we decided to keep it to close family and friends.

Did you have to change your original food and drink menu at all?

We actually added in extra elements to the menu. We hadn’t originally factored in canapes for the original wedding, however with the reduced numbers we really wanted to make it special so added them in.

Was there anything you really missed at your micro wedding (apart from more guests) example: party at the end of the night etc


We did miss the party element at the end of the night to some extend but more so because of not being able to sing along too enthusiastically to the music!

Did anything surprise you about having a micro wedding?

My mom did a video for us of clips and messages of all the people that couldn’t join us on the day and watching it we couldn’t believe that many people were supposed to be there! Even with less guests it was still harder than I thought to get round to speaking to everyone. We’re not sure how we would have done it with 100+ guests!

What advice would you give to other couples who are thinking of a micro wedding?

Just do it! It will be better than you think and will still be the happiest day of your life. This year has taught us both what is important and for us being able to share that with our very closest family and friends was epic. I think because of the reduced guestlist the people that were there were so happy to be able to be there and share it with us, the love in the room was palpable!

There will be plenty of opportunities for a big party in the future and you can’t put your life on hold forever!

Do you agree that #30WORKS ?!


Images taken by James Fear

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