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With all of us adjusting to this very strange period of social distancing and so many of you having to postpone or cancel hen and stag dos, we’re on the lookout for new ways to still celebrate. So to all of our gorgeous couples, forward this onto your besties and get your iphones, Ipads or laptops at the ready for an ultimate virtual party!


Aren’t we all thankful for technology whilst we are in lockdown? First things first; choose the best video-chatting platform and invite your guests. There are so many platforms to virtually chat, but we recommend and have been using Zoom, Skype and Google hangout, (anything else was a little too complicated for us Iscoyd technophobes)


As much as we are loving our quarantine comfy clothes & PJ’s, it’s time to get glammed up! We know every women out there has a bit of sparkle in their wardrobe and chaps, pop on a nice shirt, or maybe those ‘besties’ could pop a nice outfit of choice in the post for you to wear?

We would be very happy to help out and share some costume ideas!


If you’re keen on playing some tunes, get a playlist together, it’s a great way to set the mood. You could maybe even make part of the online party a silent disco? (You should play some games first though!)

GAMES (organised fun)

Charlie, our Senior Events Managers is chief game organiser at Iscoyd and has listed a few games you can try at home:

  • Ensure you have plenty of your favourite tipple in the house. So add a few extra bottles on your next online food shop!
  • The Ice Braker – It might be a little awkward, especially if you’re a popular person and have lots of people that may not know each other. Maybe everyone could start off by introducing themselves and by telling everyone how they know you (cue the embarrassing tales)

The gorgeous Abi was meant to celebrate her hen in Budapest, which due to this horrible bug was cancelled. Abi’s girls put on a fun night full of laughter and tears at home instead!

“Firstly they all introduced themselves as not everyone knew each other, said how long we had known each other, how we met and one thing they loved about me (I was crying by the second one)

They asked me 10 questions about Dave and if I got it wrong, I had to either do a shot or down my drink 🍸”


  • Let’s Reminisce (and drink shots) – Everyone texts their favourite story or moment with you, that the organiser has to read out. Guess correctly and your party drink, guess incorrectly and you drink!

Annabelle also was meant to celebrate in Budapest for her hen party, instead her girls dropped off a surprise bag of goodies and put on a night she’d never forget, although, we hear Annabelle was feeling a little ropey the following day so we’re not sure how much of it she does remember!

“ I got really drunk after playing virtual beer pong and it’s all a blur from then onwards 😂🙈”

  • Who doesn’t love a Quiz now, hey? – We’ve all become Quizmasters during lockdown, so why wouldn’t you miss the classic Mr & Mrs game? We’d expect nothing less than a full house after all this time spent together in quarantine!
  • More companies are adapting to fit their business online and there are an abundance of options! From virtual wine tasting, cocktail making classes and boozy bingo. There is plenty you can do virtually that requires zero supplies (our personal favourite is a classic round of charades!)
  • Toilet Roll Veil Competition – For those of you that bulk bought toilet roll, now is your time to put it to use and get creative. Give everyone 5 minutes, model those veils and then it’s time to judge! (We suggest using it sparingly so it can be used for it’s intended purpose!)
  • Guys/Girls there are doorstep strippers and that’s all we have to say on that one!

Don’t forget it doesn’t need to be a boozy night, nursing a lockdown hangover for days on end. Why not support local businesses and contact a flower shop near you and arrange a virtual flower arranging class?

For all those fitness junkies out there, you can still break a sweat together. There are plenty of online virtual workouts.

Maybe you fancy a low key DIY pamper night, with a movie and dipped chocolates? Netflix Party is a new way to watch with your friends online, synchronizing video playback as well as adding group chat features. Don’t let anyone forget the popcorn!

We are sorry that your traditional hen or stag party is off the cards for now. The coronavirus pandemic has hit us all hard, but where there’s a will, there is a way and it will NOT stop our fun!

It won’t be long before we are all back together again, clinking those glasses and celebrating the way we all love to. How special will that feel?

Lots of Iscoyd Love!!



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