Wedding style inspiration from Iscoyd Park

We’ve hosted some of the most stylish weddings at Iscoyd Park.

We’ve hosted some of the most stylish weddings at Iscoyd Park. From vintage brides and mismatched bridesmaids to non-traditional tuxedos and a trilby. There are no longer any hard and fast rules when it comes to wedding style, so how will you perfect yours? Here’s some inspiration we’ve picked up from some of the weddings we’ve been lucky enough to be part of.

Keep it coordinated

We’ve spoken before about making the most of the mismatch style among your wedding party. Not only does it allow your bridesmaids to choose their own dress right down to the colour, it looks fab in wedding photos. But what about coordinating the look? Done properly this style is ultra slick. It also makes it clear to everyone who is part of your inner circle – the people who have played a key role in preparing for your big day. You may want to go traditional with your colour choices, but we love the look below. The deep blue of the velvet jackets is set off perfectly when paired with tailored grey waistcoats and matching vintage floral bow ties.



Remember the romance

Planning for your wedding is all in the detail. Consider how your outfit will come across in your wedding photos. We definitely think these should be fun, but what about romance? It can be easy to forget that getting married is one of the most romantic acts you and your partner will ever do. Wedding dresses with long tails, vintage lace, high necklines and low backs all add a touch of romance to any wedding style.

Memories and mementos

Speaking of romance, there’s not much more romantic than personalising your style in some way. One groom we met had a pocket watch given to him by his grandparents. Many brides are either wearing a dress their mother also wore, or they have customised it in some way. There’s something about the personal touch that elevates any simple and traditional style to the next level.

Something for the seasons

Your style will often depend on which season you choose to get married in. In summer a bride might opt for a lighter gown, tea length or shorter skirt. While these are not very traditional, puffy skirted minis are definitely becoming more popular. A more relaxed vintage style for the groom could mean rolled up trousers – perfect in the sunshine. Meanwhile winter weddings allow for long lace sleeves, veils and tailored layering for the men. Don’t forget to consider this when planning your look.


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