The Top Groom Trends Reigning Supreme in 2017

Grooms enthusiastically taking up the fashion mantle in 2017

It was back in 2014, I think, when I last wrote about the sartorial decisions that Grooms were making for and on their big day; what was popular, what wasn’t, what new trends were rearing their heads above the parapet and which items of clothing were heading off to the pit of obscurity.

The proactive decision making we saw three years ago still very much characterises weddings in 2017. If anything we’re seeing Grooms enthusiastically taking up the fashion mantle, determined to inject their own dose of style into their big day in a way that really reflects who they are.

So what’s been hot in 2017 then?

The Blue Suit

If there is one trend that has reigned supreme in 2017 for Groomswear then it has to be the blue suit. At Iscoyd Park particularly we’ve seen every single interpretation of the trend that is possible; light blue, dark blue, patterned, three pieces, velvets, large lapels…the list goes on. Whilst we saw the advent of this look several wedding seasons ago, it seems that 2017 is the year that it has really come into its own.

The blue suit is the modern day alternative to the more traditional black ensemble. Strong, sophisticated and possessing enough presence for an important occasion, a blue toned get-up is the perfect choice for those grooms who want to keep things contemporary and smart.

Blue hues offer a huge amount of flexibility too – they look fantastic regardless of the setting or the time of year and are the perfect backdrop for brightly coloured accessories – such as shirts and ties, bowties and cufflinks and of course colour pop buttonholes.

The Tux

Hot on the heels of ‘The Blue Suit’ is The Tux…but not the ill-fitting tux of decades past. The tux of 2017 is cut on the slimmer side with a tighter fitting waist and accented lapels. Simplicity is the order of the day. One button jacket fastenings and satin trimmed lapels are on the rise and grooms are rejecting the traditional pleated or bib front tuxedo shirts in favour of something less stuffy, something more twenty-first century.

Similarly we’ve noticed the resurgence in popularity of uniformed bridal parties too – where members of the armed forces are wearing their formal costumes to celebrate their big day. The repetition of multiple bodies in the same outfit adds a soothing aesthetic consistency to wedding party photographs and everyone loves a man in uniform don’t they!

The three piece

The three piece, or the classic English gentleman trend as I like to refer to it, is perfect for those who want a more formal appearance for their wedding but who are keen to avoid the classic tuxedo. This look is for the fashion-conscious groom who wants to stand out from the crowd.

Elegant and sophisticated, this particular style makes use of interesting materials, luxe accessories such as silk cravats and pocket watches and embraces the more unusual suit styles such as the double-breasted suit and oversized lapel. It’s definitely a hot favourite regardless.

Rustic but all grown up

If you take a step back down Memory Lane only a few years back then you’d have noticed the proliferation of bowties and braces that peppered wedding parties against beautiful rustic backdrops set in country barns and homely back gardens.

This popular groomsmen fashion trend has given way somewhat to its more sophisticated older brother with less mismatching of combinations of suits and accessories and clashing materials.

Instead the nod to the ‘Rustic’ comes from the choice of materials that grooms are selecting to wear on their wedding day – tweeds and wools and herringbone checks which are also reflected in the flora and fauna utilised in their buttonholes; twines and seed heads, feathers and dried flowers. This time the look is more uniform with ushers and grooms donning suits in the same colour and materials rather than opting for eclectic mash-ups. The result is a calmer aesthetic that feels sophisticated yet contemporary….a bit like an afternoon in a country pile.

Are you choosing one of the trends above for your own big day? If so which one? Perhaps you’re opting for something else completely – why not tell us all about it.

Until next month, Lolly xxx

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