The perfect wedding breakfast menu

Have you ever wondered what someone who caters for weddings might choose to serve at their own?

Jonathan Carter, executive chef at Caviar & Chips, faced just that decision when he proposed to his fiancée last year. Read on to find out what he’s planning for his own (mouthwatering) wedding menu:

It was July last year when, after a delicious lunch at Le Manoir Aux Quat’Saisons and an afternoon of croquet and boules, I finally plucked up the courage to say those four big words: ‘Will you marry me?’ After a teary ‘yes’ and a few minutes to compose ourselves, we popped a bottle of champagne, had an indulgent dinner of caviar, and started thinking about our wedding. By the end of that night, we had already written our guest list and started talking about our wedding breakfast.

Like many couples, we’ve eaten some wonderful meals in some amazing places in our time. Once we had decided on a date and knew the season, it was fun to think back on memorable plates of food we’ve enjoyed and great hospitality we’ve received. We started piecing together the things that were most important to us:

The Main

The main course is most appropriately named as it’s the main event, the focus of the meal, so that felt like the best place to start. As ours is a November wedding, we thought about game, beef and other rich treats, and finally settled on venison.

Living in the Midlands and having family in the North-west means that we’ve ‘enjoyed’ many a journey up the M6! One of the best, however, was around this time of the year in 2014. My fiancée fell asleep (as is the norm) thinking we were going to Manchester and woke up, to her surprise, in the Lake District en route to a tiny restaurant called L’Enclume. In what was possibly The Best Meal Ever, there was an amazing venison dish with root vegetables and charcoal oil with a smoky pinot noir wine. We’ve changed up a few things for our meal, but we think vension is just beautiful so it had to stay – thanks for the inspiration, Mr Rogan!

The Fish

So, we had our first dish – now on to the fish course.

For my fiancée’s birthday in 2016, we took a trip to Cambridge and had dinner at a lovely little restaurant called Midsummer House (you might be forgiven for thinking there’s a theme emerging here!) One of our favourite dishes from that evening was an amazing scallop dish with one of the tastiest, softest, biggest scallops we’ve ever had. We just had to have this as our fish course at our wedding breakfast. And, because you can never have too much of a good thing, we added lobster bisque, sea vegetables and caviar. When we cooked this dish up for our tasting it blew everyone’s socks off. Delicious, light and yet rich and packed with flavours. Exquisite, even if I do say so myself.

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